Background of Project

The Movement for Democracy, Development and Transparency (MDDT) Cameroon is a
non-profit organization whose vision lies in creating a society in which freedoms,
justice, fairness and economic independence thrives. MDDT’s projects are centered
around creating an enabling environment for the promotion and protection of human
rights, combatting violent extremism, increasing access to justice and increasing the
political space for effective youth participation in democratic processes and inclusive
governance. MDDT in collaboration with the National Endowment for Democracy
(NED), U.S.A, is implementing a project entitled “Promoting Youth advocacy and
reducing youth radicalization in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon”. In the past
years, MDDT has carried out online campaigns like the “LETDIALOGUELEAD”
campaigns which reached out to more than 2 million civilians at home and abroad
diluting the agenda of armed groups and separatists to radicalize young Cameroonians.
The MDDT project team has created peace civic clubs in over 80 schools in the North
West and South West Regions and Youth Civic hubs in over 50 hotspot communities.
It has created safe youth advocacy spaces such as cultural, sporting, and musical events
bringing together at least 500 youths in each local community to sensitize them on
non-violence and a ceasefire. It has further organized 3 round tables in Yaounde, Douala
and Buea with government agencies on best practices, modern strategies and their role
in diluting youth radicalization in their towns.The ongoing Anglophone Crisis is puncturing the inalienable right to security, shelter,
health, life, political opinion, freedom of expression, the right to a fair trial just to list a
few. Youths are resolving to rebellion as the only credible measure to seek a change in
the form of the state. It is at this effect that MDDT aims to mobilize youth to advocate for
non-violence and a peaceful resolution of the the Anglophone crisis through its project
Promoting Youth Advocacy and Reducing Radicalization in the Anglophone Regions.
A component of this project is the organization of the National Youth Forum for Peace
which will be a 2-days event which shall gather youth leaders, civil society, government
and relevant stakeholders to discuss possible solutions to the Anglophone Crisis in

Project General Objective

Project Specific Objective

-To Organize a National Youth Forum for Peace with 1000 youth leaders.
-To provide a learning opportunity for young people on modern advocacy
-To provide a platform for youth to contribute to possible solutions to the
Anglophone Crisis.
-To create an exchange platform with government and stakeholders on
reducing radicalization in the North West and South West Regions.
-To strengthen collaborations between youth civil society organizations and
student leaders, community youth leaders ad government in reducing
insecurity in the North West and South West Regions.